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A’PIEU Chi Ka Po Ka Tooth Brushing Mask

13,00 lei
This hydrating sheet mask allows you to eat, brush your teeth or talk comfortably while wearing the mask because of its intentional mouth area opening!

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet – After Hard Study

12,00 lei
Best for sensitive skin. This korean facial sheet mask contains natural ingredients like tea tree, green tea, calendula, witch hazel.

Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet Charcoal

10,00 lei
Black sheet mask with charcoal not only possess narrowing of pores and reduction of inflammation, but has also detoxifying properties.

JAYJUN More Than Green-Tox Cleanse Mask

17,00 lei
Ingredients high in vitamins and minerals such as lemon & spinach & broccoli extracts help with skin conditioning and give you clear and smooth skin.

MISSHA Pure Source Pocket Pack Tea Tree

9,00 lei
Little pockets full of abundant ingredients of nature for your skin!

MISSHA SOS Clay Mask Dirty Correct

50,00 lei
Solve several skin problems at once! The easiest way that can solve several skin problems depending on face part.