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A’PIEU Banana Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
Good quality felt soaked with various minerals and ingredients is used for effective absorption. Real milk essence gives hydrated skin.

A’PIEU Chi Ka Po Ka Tooth Brushing Mask

13,00 lei
This hydrating sheet mask allows you to eat, brush your teeth or talk comfortably while wearing the mask because of its intentional mouth area opening!

A’PIEU Chocolate Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
This chocolate milk mask is full of ingredients that work perfect for all skin types!

A’PIEU Cicative Calcium Sheet Mask

20,00 lei
Cicative Clacium sheet mask provides rich hydration to skin sensitive to dryness and forms a strong skin protection barrier.

A’PIEU Cicative Magnesium Sheet Mask

20,00 lei
Cicative magnesium sheet mask delivers ample nourishment to skin sensitive to roughness and significantly improves skin elasticity.

A’PIEU Cicative Zinc Sheet Mask

16,00 lei
Cicative zinc sheet mask delivers abundant moisture and soothes skin sensitive to external stimuli.

A’PIEU Coconut Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
This mask provides a deep and intense hydration to the skin.

A’PIEU Coffee Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
Coffee extract gives firm elasticity for glowing silky skin care, moisture and nutrition hydrolyzed collagen prevents rough skin.

A’PIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask (Pomegranate)

12,00 lei
A’PIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask (Pomegranate) is to fill the dry and sagging skin with elastic moisture with pomegranate extract.

A’PIEU Green Tea Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
This mask helps to prevent rough skin. Green tea extract gives your skin firm elasticity.

A’PIEU Hamamelis Sheet Mask

10,00 lei
Sebum and pore care sheet mask containing Hamamelis to help make skin smooth and elastic.

A’PIEU Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask (Hanrabong)

8,00 lei
Thin, lightweight tencel sheet effectively delivers active ingredients to the skin.