® Reward Points

Shop and earn points for every EURO spent on products.

Only orders of at least 50 EURO benefit from reward points, also only orders with a value over 50 EURO can apply the reward points from the Myaccount at the checkout.

Do you need to register to receive gift points?
Yes, you need to register because only registered customers can use reward points on the site.

Who benefits from reward points?
Orders of at least 50 euro benefit from reward points.

When do I receive the points?
When your order is complete (delivered and paid).
You can check the number of your points at any time by logging into your account.

Where do I see how many points a product have or do I need to buy it ?!
Each product on the site has 2 options displayed;
– how many bonus points you receive when you purchase the product;
– the price of the product in points.

If you use a discount code, you no longer receive reward points. This also applies if you buy products from the “Special offers” category, products that are on sales no benefit from reward points.

How to apply reward points ?!
Before completing an order, go to the “View shopping cart” menu and you can use the bonus points you have! All points or less can be applied. You can pay partially with bonus points and the rest cash, card, or through the bank !!!

Can I turn points into money?
Reward points cannot be turned into money!

How much money can I save?

1 punct = 0.03 EURO
100 puncte = 3 EURO
250 puncte = 8 EURO
300 puncte = 9 EURO
500 puncte = 15 EURO
1000 puncte = 30 EURO
2000 puncte = 60 EURO
5000 puncte = 150 EURO

How long are they valid?
Reward points will expire within 60 days of their receipt.