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A’PIEU Cicative Calcium Sheet Mask

20,00 lei
Cicative Clacium sheet mask provides rich hydration to skin sensitive to dryness and forms a strong skin protection barrier.

A’PIEU Coconut Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
This mask provides a deep and intense hydration to the skin.

A’PIEU Propolis 3-Step Mask

19,00 lei
Infused with rich nourishing ingredients including Royal Jelly Extract, Honey Extract and Propolis for intense care.

A’PIEU Real Big Yogurt One Bottle (Plain)

17,00 lei
Yogurt extract and Lactobacillus components helps to strengthen your skin barrier.

A’PIEU Real Big Yogurt One-Bottle (Apple)

17,00 lei
Yogurt extract and Lactobacillus components helps to strengthen your skin barrier. Helping to create a firm, healthy skin.

A’PIEU Skin-Fit Sheet Mask (Quinoa)

12,00 lei
This is a skin-friendly skin-fit sheet mask with intensive moisturizing solution.

A’PIEU White Milk One-Pack

10,00 lei
Milk protein extract softens skin dead skin for clear skin care. Aloe extract supply moisture with soothing effect.

COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

106,00 lei
Enriched with more than 87% of Propolis Extract and natural beeswax, this mask provides intensive hydration with refreshing moisture

Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet, Shea Butter

10,00 lei
Shea butter intensely nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity, hyaluronic acid recharges the skin with moisture and grapefruit oil softens and tones it.

Holika Holika Skin Rescuer Mask Sheet, Hyaluronic Acid

16,00 lei
Hyaluronic acid recharges the skin with moisture, lemon brightens the skin, softens and makes it smoother and aloe juice helps fight inflammation.

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Pure Essence jelly Mask Sheet – Lemon

13,00 lei
This sheet mask comes packed like a delicious snack and features the cute face of Peko-chan from the famous Milky chocolate bars made by Japanese confectioner Fujiya.

MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask Cucumber

9,00 lei
The sheetmask with cucumber extract clears the skin and provides it with plenty of moisture.