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A’PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Cap

25,00 lei
This mask-cap contains raspberry extract, fermented herbal vinegar, vegetable keratin. Vinegar creates an acidified environment for the scalp.

A’PIEU Real Big Yogurt One-Bottle (Mango)

17,00 lei
Yogurt extract and Lactobacillus components help strengthen skin barrier, helping to create a firm, healthy skin.

JAYJUN Honey Dew Red Mask

13,00 lei
This sheet mask contains extracts from five different red complexes.

TONYMOLY Master Lab Snail Mucin Skin Damage

16,00 lei
Helps rough skin caused by dryness with the snail mucin.

TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Snail Mask

16,00 lei
Our Pureness 100 sheet mask collection features a non-bleached 100% cotton face sheets that help to instantly soothe skin.