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After Mask Sheet – After Trip – Holika Holika

13,00 lei
This mask relieves swelling of the face and helps restore the skins natural condition after a variety of negative events.

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet – After Hard Study

12,00 lei
Best for sensitive skin. This korean facial sheet mask contains natural ingredients like tea tree, green tea, calendula, witch hazel.

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet – After Working Overtime

12,00 lei
After Night Overtime Mask is highly protective and moisturizing face mask, contains a high concentration and rich sources of natural plant extracts.

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet, After Drinking

12,00 lei
After Drinking Mask Sheet is formulated with green tea extracts, rose oil and cabbage root extracts to soothe and relieve tired and rough skin caused by drinking alcohol.

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet, After Working Out

12,00 lei
After Working Out Mask Sheet - after a hard workout the processes in the body speed up and flushed face is saturated as enhanced blood flow.

Holika Holika Mask Sheet – After Sauna

11,00 lei
After the sauna or steamboat – mask on a cotton sheet, which narrows the pores after a visit to the sauna, or a home treatment for the face.